E133 - Brilliant blue FCF

Additive: E133 - Brilliant blue FCF

BRILLIANT BLUE FCF -Blue 1- is an organic compound classified as a blue triarylmethane dye, reflecting its chemical structure. Known under various commercial names, it is a colorant for foods and other substances.

Names: Bleu brillant FCF, C.I. Acid Blue 9, C.I. Food Blue 2, Blue 2 lake, Blue 2, CI 42090, C-Blau 21, Erioglaucin A, Blue 1, Brilliant Blue FCF, bleu brillant, FD&C Blue No.1, FD&C Blue #1, BB FCF, Acid Blue 9, D&C Blue No. 4, Alzen Food Blue No. 1, Atracid Blue FG, Erioglaucine, Eriosky blue, Patent Blue AR, Xylene Blue VSG, CAS 25305-78-6, CAS 2650-18-2, CAS 3844-45-9, CAS 71701-18-3, CAS 15792-67-3

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